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$1.6 million to be invested in precision machining: APF Villeneuve is boosting its productivity

At a press conference held in Crabtree on January 19, APF Villeneuve received a major financial contribution for the continuation of its activities as part of a new automation project valued at $2 million.  

The Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec and Investissement Québec have joined forces to provide the $1.6 million loan. The funds will be used to support the acquisition of two pieces of numerical control equipment for APF Villeneuve’s modernization project. This project will significantly increase the productivity of state-of-the-art machined parts while redefining industry standards. 

Mr. Christophe Skeete, Minister for the Economy, Mr. François Saint-Louis, Member of the National Assembly for Joliette, Mr. Mario Lasalle, Mayor of Crabtree and Mr. Pierre-Luc Bellerose, Prefect of the Joliette RCM, were on hand to share this important announcement with APF Villeneuve members.  

Automation and innovation: commitment to excellence  

Automation and innovation are not just trends: they represent a genuine commitment to excellence and continuous growth. In tandem with the acquisition of the two new machines, APF Villeneuve will make use of connection software that greatly optimizes processes. These tools guarantee the strategic integration of state-of-the-art equipment. They thus contribute to a significant boost in productivity.  

A firm believer in innovation and change, APF Villeneuve will be introducing its team to artificial intelligence in the coming months. This is a growth vector worth exploring!  

Key players  

This major regional project would not be possible without the participation and involvement of the APF Villeneuve work teams. Team members are at the heart of the Industry 4.0 factory process, making a real difference in the history of the family business on a day-to-day basis.  

Likewise, this announcement would not be possible without the contribution of major partners: Investissement Québec, Canada Economic Development, the Corporation de Développement Economique de la MRC Joliette, and Alliance Métal Québec. 

APF Villeneuve expresses its heartfelt gratitude while thanking these essential players, who share a belief the long-term future of the Lanaudière company. Thanks to our partners, the craze for automation has turned into a genuine love affair! 


Read the official press release here: APF Villeneuve receives $1.6 million to continue automation - Canada.ca 

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