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Work at APF

Reliable service, competitive prices

At APF Villeneuve, our employees evolve in an environment offering great advancement opportunities for their career. We support continuous training and provide necessary framework in order for them to develop, become multi-skilled and progress in our organization.

Solidarity is at the heart of our values. Members of our team build strong links between them and know they can count on each other. This relationship helps create a dynamic and pleasant working environment for everyone.

We are first and foremost understanding and human. We offer flexible hours to adapt to the reality of each of our employees and facilitate their work-life balance. They are also entitled to a range of competitive benefits.

Because the well-being of all members of our team is a priority, we make sure they perform their tasks in a healthy and safe environment, including brightness, large spaces and appropriate air quality. Furthermore, our machine shop, located in Lanaudière, allows them to live all the benefits of working close to their home and against the flow of traffic !

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