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High volume

We offer a high volume machining service for all type of parts and metal components.  Mass production requires the manufacturing of a large amount of machined parts within a short period of time.  This is a twofold challenge : combine speed of execution with quality of the finished product.

We successfully meet this challenge.  We have implemented collaborative robots for a continuous production based on a long period.  These robots handle all the operation, reducing the turnaround time and the overall cost of production.  This robotic machinery also reduces the margin of error while contributing to increase safety at work.

We understand the reality of our customers and know that the speed of delivery is essential in high volume machining.  Equipped with an impressive number of machines, we carry out without delay all type of mass production work.  In peak periods, we are able to work day and night in order to respond to the demand and offer you an unparalleled service.

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