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APF Villeneuve is opening its doors to visitors!

APF Villeneuve opened its doors on May 25 to a short list of hand-picked customers and partners as part of an industrial tour orchestrated in collaboration with Alliance Métal Québec, Trans-Al and CRITM.

The tour was hosted by company president Érick Villeneuve and also provided an opportunity for the production supervisor, sales manager, and project manager to talk about the company.

This initiative was set up to demonstrate the importance of automation in machining, and the tangible benefits derived from this technological advance.

After presenting the company's history and working methods, Erick Villeneuve stressed the essential need to adapt to the challenges of our times, including the shortage of manpower. 

Automation was therefore presented as the key to improving plant performance. 

The crucial stages of a transition to automation, from planning to implementation, were discussed in detail, highlighting the importance of getting employees on board.

Participants also had the opportunity to compare two production systems, one produced with the help of robots, the other without.

This hands-on demonstration eloquently illustrated the efficiency and precision of automation, and why APF Villeneuve has embraced this technological revolution.

Next, informative videos were shown to enhance participants' understanding of automated processes.

These explanations gave visitors the chance to see the CNC machines up close and in action, promoting the company's image of efficiency and quality.

Guests were then immersed in the world of connected machines, and APF Villeneuve took the opportunity to highlight the benefits of this interconnectivity within the production process. 

A live demonstration gave a concrete idea of how these technologies optimize operations management and preventive maintenance.

This complete tour of the plant also offered participants a hands-on immersion in APF Villeneuve's highly automated environment, enabling them to see for themselves how automation allows every stage of the process to be orchestrated efficiently, despite the shortage of manpower.

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